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When you first book with us you will have to come down for an assessment first before your doggy can join us in day care. This must be done for every dog that wishes to attend our day care. The reasons we must do our own assessments even though you know your dog is great with humans and dogs is so that we can get to know your dog before they are left with us so we know how to give the best care for your dog. also every dog must go through the assessment as the dogs that are all ready in day care are our main priority and we must ensure that every new dog that joins is not going to be a threat to them. 

For more info please check out the assessment tab at the top of the page.

Throughout their day with us your doggyz will have plenty of things to do as we try to keep things interesting for them so that they are not doing the same thing all day. We start our dayz in the play room once they are in the play room were all about play we interact with them to get them joining in and moving around playing ball or having a game of chase the Hooman. Then its off to The garden for some outside exploration, when the dogs are in the garden they enjoy watching the birds fly by and most of all they love dipping there toes in the doggy pools. We then change over to the chill zone once in the chill zone we promote a calm and relaxed atmosphere so that the dogs can take the time they need to re-energise. Then its back to the play zone to end our dayz.


Stage One

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When you first arrive, you will be greeted in the reception. The assessor will start the assessment straight away by watching your dog to see how he/she reacts to being in the room with us whilst taking notice of your dog, the assessor will ask you questions about your dog to see how they behave for you. Once the initial meet and greet is over the assessor will take your dog from you and move on to the 2nd stage of the assessment whilst you wait in reception.

why can’t you attend stage 2?

Our dogs tend to act different when we are around some may be defensive of their owners or others may be more confident with owners there. So, we need to know how they will react without owners being there at first.

what is the assessor looking for?

• How your dog reacts to the assessor being in the room.

• Are they nervous of new people?

• Will your dog trust them?

• Do they react when they hear the dogs in the other areas.


Stage Two

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Once the assessor has taken your dog and left the room they will walk around with your dog on the lead watching how they react to seeing the other dogs. Once the assessor feels they are ready he will get one of the team to bring one of the assessment dogs out, it will be either Zeus or anook (who do all our assessments) from here the assessor allows the dogs to interact. Depending how your dog interacts with Zeus/anook will decide what the assessor does next. If the assessor is happy with the meet they will come back into reception and finish the assessment by explaining how things went and give any feedback needed.

If the assessor is not happy they will move on to stage 3.

what will make it go to stage 3

• avoiding the assessment dogs completely

• showing signs of aggression/fear

• being nervous and not interacting with Zeus/anook


Stage Three

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If your dog requires more time in the assessment the assessor will decide the best approach to help your dog settle. Every dog is different and as such will need different techniques to help them settle in. It is difficult to explain what will happen with your dog, but we will give you an example of an assessment we had and how we helped to integrate them with the other dogs.

We had a large dog come in for assessment, at first, she seemed to show signs of aggression, so the assessor got settled with her and once the assessor was happy with the dog’s behaviour he moved into the assessment area and got a member of the team to bring Zeus out. When the dog first saw Zeus she began to bark and show more signs of aggression but Zeus did not react to this he just continued to slowly walk over to her once Zeus was close enough to her he stopped and let her bark at him for a moment, once she realised he was not going to run away she came and stood behind the assessor, this showed that she was not aggressive at all she was just nervous and unsure how to interact with other dogs. the assessor decided to take her into one of the free sections and let Zeus off the lead. Zeus walked off and gave her space to come around. once she settled the assessor let her off the lead, once she realised she was free to move around she was happier to sniff at Zeus but would not let him sniff her. 

The assessor decided to use a ball as a distraction to help her settle. once she was more settled with Zeus the assessor decided to bring anook in on the lead to see how she reacted to another female being in the area and she began to bark at anook and anook barked back this shocked her and made her calm down. the assessor then let anook off the lead. after a few moments the dog being assessed started to interact with anook and was trying to play but did not know how to at first. once this was over the assessor took her back into the owners and discussed how she did. Now she comes to daycare multiple times a week and has made a massive improvement and loves spending time with everyone.

Our Team

We love building products for you

Danny Shovelton (aka: Dann.s)


5 years ago, I started a trial at another daycare, I could not believe that such a thing existed. From that day I decided that this was my future. I started on an animal care apprenticeship.

After 6 months I moved up to manager of the daycare and after 2 years I moved on to another daycare facility and was the manager there for 12 months. In this time, I helped build the business and met lots of new dogs and learned more as time went on. 

After that I decided to follow my dreams and open my own daycare and focus on giving the best care possible for your doggyz.

Charmaine Giles (aka: Char)


For the last 3 years I have worked in a daycare environment and since the day I started I knew this was the future I wanted. 

Before I started to work in the daycare I was a full-time mum to 4 and now I can be both mother to my kids and the mother of our doggy dayz.

I am animal care (N.V.Q level 2)  fully qualified 

When I started working in daycare I realised there was a lot I didn't know, I was a novice. As time went on I got to meet new dogz and the different characters they had. This taught me how to care for them better and how to meet their individual needs.

Our doggyz teach me new things all the time, I am fascinated and very eager to learn more about every new dog I meet. Danny.s has been my mentor between him and the doggyz they have taught me everything I know. Danny is so natural and has explained thing in depth for me to understand (why a certain dog would display certain behaviour)  and I got It, its really not easy ''but now I get them;

since opening our doggy dayz myself and Danny have been working around the clock to make our day-care what it is today and every moment has been worth it.

We are not a normal (Day-care) we go above and beyond for our ''customers'' FRIEND'S and that's just who we are.

I have had the pleasure of looking after our beautiful doggyz  on a daily basis, each one unique and amazing in their own way.

Danny Hurst  (aka: Danny .h)



I began my journey with our doggy dayz as a customer with my 12-week-old boxer puppy Lola.

After some time, I was welcomed with the opportunity for me to join the family and I jumped at the chance.

At first, I found it a little over whelming as I had never been in this sort of situation working with dogs on a professional level.

But over the months with guidance from Danny, Charmaine & the dogs I have gained the experience, I can now give the dogs my all knowing I am doing it right.

I have always been a dog lover, and I strongly believe a ‘’a house isn’t a home unless you have a dog in your life;

I couldn’t be any happier with my choices of joining the family and can’t wait to take the future head on with our wonderful team.

Elizabeth Swanton (aka: Liz


I have always loved the idea of working with dogs so when I heard about a local daycare taking on I jumped at the opportunity. I began working on an animal care apprenticeship lvl 2 in November 2015 and completed this October 2016.

I continued working at the daycare until august 2017 when I decided to leave due to differences in work. I spent the last year working as a dog walker/sitter. I began working here at the end of October and im so happy to be a part of our doggy dayz family.

Lauren Charlton (aka: Loz)


I first started with the O.D.D. team in November 2018.

I was on a trial to start an apprenticeship striving to achieve my goals, my trial was cut short and I became a family member.

Since then I have been working alongside Danny.s, Charmaine, liz & Danny.h who have taught/ teaching me how best to look after your doggyz when in our care.

I have always dreamed of working with animals but never imagined I would be apart of the team at our doggy dayz and being with the dog’s.

It has been the best move I have made in my life so far

I mean how can things get any better than this?

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